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Hi! I am Wita,

Coordinator of Bali Wedding Celebrants.
We have a team of professional celebrants and officiants in Bali.
We can personalize your preferred style of wedding ceremony - whether it’s short and sweet, fun and loving, musical, adventurous or romantic and heartfelt etc.
We can provide an amazing wedding ceremony here in Bali but will you need to have a legal ceremony in your own country.  We are connected with celebrants around the world who can assist with the legal wedding requirements.
 You can listen to me and see some of my clients getting married in Bali on the link below.
Or give me a video call via whatsapp: +6281139402020.
Let’s celebrate your wedding day in Bali!


Our Services


Register your marriage in your home country

Wita, Bali Wedding Celebrant, can connect you with a celebrant to register your marriage in your country, with a brief ‘legals-only’ ceremony. This can be held either before or after your Bali wedding ceremony. View the celebrants’ collaboration directory to find one in your location.  

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Commitment, Renewal of Vows or Anniversary ceremonies

Celebrating an anniversary? Want to re-affirm your wedding vows or have a commitment ceremony whilst in Bali? We can assist with all of these types of ceremonies when you’re in Bali.

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Building Strong and Healthy Relationship

Wita Bali Wedding Celebrant


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